Chessmaster 10th Edition 1.02

Test yourself with one of the classic chess games to ever hit the market

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows NT / Windows 98

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    6.9 (480)

It is encouraging that game developers such as Gamespot recognize that not everyone wants another driving or shoot-em-up game. Some gamers like to sit back and enjoy a little time to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Chessmaster - 10th Edition provides that kind of opportunity. The game was not solely designed for experienced chess players or fanatics. It is a great program from which beginners can learn the game.

The most striking attribute of this game is the graphics. There are 25 different chess sets available, and they all look great in 3-D mode. The game gives the player a lot of flexibility and customization. Not only can they choose the pieces and the board, they can also resize the board or choose one of several different angles from which they can view the board. Of course, chess purists may want to avoid all these bells and whistles by choosing classic 2-D setups.

There are two modes of play available. In the game-play mode, there are several options. The gamer must choose the "personality" type of their opponent as well as the difficulty level. Once the opponent has been tabbed, the player can select whether the match will apply towards their game ranking. A player elevates their ranking by beating higher ranked players on a consistent basis.

The tutorial mode comes in two sections. The first section is more whimsical and designed to appeal more to children. It is a great way to introduce kids to the game in a fun and enjoyable way. The other section is designed for serious players. The tutorials are taught by Josh Waitzkin --the kid from Searching for Bobby Fischer-- and chess Grandmaster Larry Christiansen. Their tutorial sessions are thorough and informative.

For players wanting to test their skills on real-life players, there is an online version that pits individuals with similar profiles against one another. This feature will allow for some human contact. Both versions are compatible with all versions of Microsoft's operating system.


  • Flexibility - The ability for a player to customize their own Chessmaster experience is a great draw for the game.
  • Online Game - If the player is able to overcome connectivity problems, it provides players of all levels the chance to test their skills and progress in a real match.


  • A.I. Player Issue - the A.I. player will not resign no matter how clear defeat becomes. When compared to other games, this is a problem because it ends up wasting a lot of the player's time.
  • Free Games Available - While this program is an excellent game, this same developer has a free 2-D chess game available over the internet.
  • Availability of Chess Sets - There are 25 chess sets available, but some remain locked until certain tasks are completed. This may not please players who feel they should be offered more than people playing similar chess games on social media sites.

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